La Maison L'Evoine


L'Evoine - Riding forward

L’Evoine originated from the term Avoine oats. Oats are the most original and most efficient concentrated feed that has been used by humans for horses for centuries. Sometimes it is the simplest things that prove themselves and are completely sufficient..
In our consumer-oriented world, the balance between quality and quantity is becoming more and more unbalanced. Cheap products tempt the consumer to replace them instead of repairing them. However, this does not mean that new developments and trends are irrelevant - quite the opposite. We are convinced that the combination of tried and tested handicraft traditions with new, alternative materials can result in great products that convince with both timelessness and zeitgeist..
Our time at various traditional luxury fashion houses has taught us what it means to experience outstanding quality and to happily pass on products to the next generations. Often it is the same product that has aroused the same emotions in its owners for decades and never loses its charm. Luxury is everything that can be repaired because you are too attached to it to want to replace it.
The L’Evoine collections consist of hand-sewn individual pieces, which are provided with a serial code in the leather area, so that each piece is unmistakable and never loses its claim to a long-term guarantee. New material combinations such as the use of alpaca fleece in equestrian sports offer significant added value and were developed and perfected by us in close cooperation with traditional craft businesses from Germany.

Welcome to the L’Evoine Family!