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L'Evoine Interior Alpaka Plaid Alpaka Decke Luxus Equestrian Reitsport

Alpaca wool is one of the finest types of wool in the world and, thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, is ideal for interior use as an elegant sofa cover or plaid over the bed. L'Evoine united in the new collectiontimeless and classic colors which fit into every interior concept. The alpaca plaids are edged in Belgian linen or with fine fringesLynn andAnny numerous possible combinations.

Gestüt Schafhof L'Evoine Alpakaplaid Alpaka Wolle Equestrian Luxus

The coversLynn andAnny are made from the finest baby alpaca wool. This is particularly soft, skin-friendly and almost free of lanolin (wool fat), so that it is tolerated on the skin even by allergy sufferers. Alpaca blankets keep you warm in the cold and at the same time insulate and cool you in the heat. With good care, the blankets have a very long lifespan due to their high quality and due to the fine structure of the fibers they do not fluff and there is no pilling.

Interior L'Evoine Knoll Gubi Hermes DeNiro Reitstiefel Tapete Diamond Chair

Equestrian sport is a way of life and so the equestrian style extends to the interior theme. Combined with design classics such as the Diamond Chair byKnoll noble wallpapers such as the styles ofHermes light and modern. The iconLe Baquet fits perfectly with the leather-framed Adnet wall mirrors fromGubi.

Le Baquet Stablebag L'Evoine Kitchen Küche Siematic

Equestrian style meets fashion classics - untreated leather meets marble surfaces which are made bySieMatic particularly elegant, floatingto get integrated. Coffeetablebooks of icons likeChanel complete the overall picture.  

L'Evoine Alapaka Plaid Le Baquet Adamsbro Kissen Equestrian Lifestyle

Timelessness is the focus of all L'Evoine products. The color scheme is in natural tones and the materials such as high-quality leather or alpaca wool are untreated and of the highest quality. The materials are easy to clean and made to last a lifetime.

Le Baquet Champagnerkübel Weinkühler Wein Ledertasche L'Evoine „Age appears best in four things: old wood to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust and old authors to read. Francis Bacon ... and what could be better combined than a passion for excellent wine and the equestrian sport Le Baquet is exclusively available in the Champagne gallery in Dusseldorf in the Stilwerk.

Schloss Benrath L'Evoine Le Baquet Equestrian Reitsport