Le Baquet - the Maison's Icon

The Le Baquet stable bag is made by hand in Germany from high quality cowhide leather. Since the leather remains natural, only the best quality is used. The surface is sanded to achieve a velvety feel. The leather is then treated with a special oil to give the bag its unmistakable, sporty and elegant look. Traces of use on the surface can easily be worked away with a slightly dampened cloth. The bag is extremely robust and water-repellent and is therefore perfect for uncomplicated everyday life in the stable. It has a double bottom, which can be easily removed with push buttons. The dust collected by the brushes can easily fall through a mash bottom on the downside of the bag. Inside, the Le Baquet bag has four compartments to organize the cleaning brushed. The detachable shoulder strap allows the bag to be carried around and transported in order to keep both hands free for the horse and the saddle at the same time. In addition, it can be pulled through any conventional tie-ring and thus enables the cleaning bag to be hung up. Every Le Baquet is made by hand in our German factory and leaves the atelier with a serial number. This guarantees on the one hand the authenticity of the bag and on the other hand its age. L'Evoine offers a 5 year guarantee and a lifetime repair service. The aim is that Le Baquet will be a long-term companion and, thanks to its numerous functions and elegant design, should not be missing in any stable. It is available in three timeless colors. The leather scraps from Le Baquet production are processed for the soft leather straps of the brush collection.