L’Evoine originated from the term Avoine - oats. Oats are the most original and most efficient concentrated feed that has been used by humans for horses for centuries. Sometimes it is just the simplest things that prove themselves and are completely sufficient.

In our consumer-oriented world, the balance between quality and quantity is becoming more and more unbalanced. Cheap products tempt the consumer to replace them instead of repairing them. However, this does not mean new developments and trends are irrelevant - on the contrary. We are convinced that the combination of tried and tested handicraft traditions with new, alternative materials can result in great products convincing with both - timelessness and zeitgeist.

L’Evoine does not present trends through constantly changing collections rather defines its heritage with timelessness, authenticity, selected materials and a close connection to nature. Sustainability is a matter of course.

Meeting the spirit of the times means looking into the future and meeting the demands of conserving natural resources, minimizing transport routes and creating products that will be passed on to future generations. Luxury means taking the time to carefully select materials, use sustainable production methods and develop timeless colors and shapes in order to create a unique and long-lasting piece. That is why L’Evoine works with local manufacturers who have an excellent command of their special craft and are known for outstanding quality "Made in Germany“ for many years.

All products from Maison L’Evoine have a special added value in terms of function and design. The focus is on a selected and above all essential range, which focus on products that are required and sufficient in daily contact with the horse.