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L'Evoine Magazine

L'Evoine Pferdebürsten Nussbaumholz
Horse brushes and grooming
The essential brush collection combines all models that are needed for the daily care of...
Le Baquet Stalltasche Putztasche Ledertasche L'Evoine
Le Baquet - la Maison's icon
The Le Baquet stable bag is handmade in Germany from high quality cowhide leather. Since...
Manufakturen L'Evoine Le Baquet Equestrian Luxus
Atelier L'Evoine
L’Evoine originated from the term Avoine - oats. Oats are the most original and most...
Alpaca wool in equestrian sports
Alpaca wool in equestrian sports
Alpaca wool is one of the finest types of wool with the highest quality in...