L'Evoine stands for high-quality products - "Made in Germany". But what exactly is behind it and why is it so important for us? Above all, we want to support traditional craftsmanship from Germany. In cooperation with family businesses we have been developing our collection for two years now. We answer the most frequently asked questions about our production:


At what point can a product be labeled as 'Made in Germany'? Is the German know-how, the material or the place of processing decisive? 

Complete extraction of a product including its components in only one country is hardly possible today, with the exception of raw materials and in agriculture. The consideration of the production process is therefore necessary and decisive for the assessment of the correct labeling.

"Made in Germany" as a geographical quality and origin designation is protected nationally and internationally. The manufacturer can award the label to himself, but a judicial review is possible at any time.

The decisive manufacturing process, in which the product receives its defining characteristics, must take place in Germany. Individual components can be bought in from abroad if they are not essential to the value of the end product. Furthermore, 45% of the value added to the product must have been added in Germany. Accordingly, it is not sufficient if only the last production step is carried out in Germany. 

L'Evoine trusts in the long lasting know-how of German production facilities and manufactures, which realize every production step from cutting to labeling in Germany and therefore manufactures 100% in Germany. Main components such as the leather of our Le Baquet bag are also of German origin, but the cotton of the saddle pads is not, because cotton is not grown in Germany. 

L'Evoine reduces itself to the essentials, so that in addition to natural materials, only high-quality sewing ingredients such as metal elements are used. If you have any questions about the exact origin and supply chain of our individual parts, please feel free to contact us directly: info@levoine.com.

Why 'Made in Germany'? 

In general, we are convinced that products from all countries of the world are of outstanding quality. At L'Evoine, we want to offer our customers a product that is as local as possible, and we also want to be able to guarantee with full conviction that everyone involved in the production process has worked under fair conditions. - without compromise. Since we are only able to do this to a limited extent abroad, we are all the more grateful for our outstanding local partners here. We do not rely on the promise of quality or organic seals, but on a personal interaction with each and every person involved in the production of our products.